Yes, I'm still alive. I've just been busy with... stuff. :P So until I can sit down and write a real post (opposed to posting hysterical pictures I found online), here's ANOTHER blog-post-fill-in that I found!
All credit to the genius who came up with it!

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      “If you place [your bet] with God, you lose nothing, even if it turns out that
    God does not exist. But if you place it against God, and you are wrong and God
    does exist, you lose everything.”
    - Peter Kreeft

    About the site layout of BIAC...

     I know, I know, the theme of this site always seems to be changing. I think I've found one that I liked, but I like to hear your opinions about the site layout. (Hint, hint.) Just click on the contact page.. (HINT HINT!)




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